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Stephen Appleyard’s 24 Hour Locksmiths can assist bailiffs in all aspects of warrant work where a Warrant for Entry has been issued. Some of our services include non-destructive entry, bypassing security systems and changing locks, where necessary. With over 30 years of experience, you can rely on us for our expert services.

In a situation where a property needs to be opened and cleared quickly, it pays to have a professional locksmith service that is familiar with evictions by your side.


Stephen Appleyard 24 Hour Locksmiths can be instructed to attend simultaneously with a bailiff to ensure that the Enforcement Officers or Landlords can gain access to the property with minimal fuss, disruption and evasive damage.

  • Eviction and repossession support
  • Efficient and fast lock opening process
  • Traditional locks to electronic keyless locks
  • Non-destructive gain entry
  • DBS checked, expert locksmiths
  • Lock replacements

One area of Locksmith work that’s less commonly talked about is evictions and repossessions. In the course of carrying out their work, Bailiffs and Enforcement Agencies often require the assistance of an approved and DBS checked locksmith to attend at a pre-arranged date and time, to gain entry to and then to secure the premises once they’ve fulfilled the Warrant of Possession.

With over 30 years experience in the locksmith business, we understand the prerequisites of this type of work and the necessity for the utmost professionalism at a sensitive time as well as the need to work fast and under pressure. We carry a huge range of locks, chains and padlocks mean that we are prepared for all eventualities – although we do appreciate having as much information as possible beforehand so that we can anticipate any issues.


In many instances, our services will be a case of opening the property, allowing the relevant people to perform inspections inside the property and changing the locks before handing you new keys.

We will secure the property and ensure that the locks are changed (where required) and hand keys over to the appointed individual to ensure that only the correct people have access after the repossession or eviction.

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    Lost your house or vehicle keys? No problem. Our expert locksmiths can replace the locks of your home, garage, shed, cabinet, locker and vehicle. In addition, we also offer precision key cutting services.
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    Bailiff Work
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